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HIPAA Designated Officers Requirement

HIPAA requires that covered entities and business associates have a designated Privacy and Security Officer. The many responsibilities include keeping the medical practice in compliance, PHI secured, and the workforce trained and educated.

Limited Resources

In smaller medical practices, the individual on record as the HIPAA Compliance Officer will likely only have limited time available and related expertise, and may only be able to put small efforts into dealing with the many HIPAA requirements.

A $3.25 per day investment ($99/month)

This may be the most affordable HIPAA compliance support system you will find. See how much help is included and how quickly your medical practice gets to a safer information security posture with the HIPAA123 program.

The problem with simply getting solutions without a system in place is that the information and tools will just sit there. The purchase alone is often considered as having done something. Yes, there's been "action," but actually, there's been no "motion" forward. How is it different with HIPAA123?

The difference is we push!

The HIPAA123 system reminds, alerts, and communicates what is and isn't being done.

The system reminds office management to keep making progress, assists with documentation (something no one likes to do), and keeps leadership informed of all actions and inactions so that they know what's going on and can ensure the required motivation and resources are in place. This moves the medical practice closer to getting and staying compliant and being more secure and audit-ready.

Everyone gets what they need to do their part.

The Workforce

♦ Periodic email security reminders with documentation (as required by HIPAA) ♦ Simulated email phishing campaigns ♦ HIPAA refresher education with documentation (as required by HIPAA) ♦ Cyber security education ♦ Courses on HIPAA and cybersecurity

Office Management

♦ Weekly updates on current or coming regulatory changes and guidance on what to do and how to do it ♦ Weekly updates on recent enforcement actions and related news ♦ Reporting on the results of simulated workforce phishing attempts ♦ Reporting on which workforce members are not opening the security reminder emails ♦ Reporting on which workforce members are not opening refresher education emails ♦ Reporting on workforce members' training results ♦ Email Q/A with a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer ♦ New workforce member HIPAA orientation with documentation

Owners / Leadership

♦ All Office Management reports ♦ Reports on Office Management opening alerts and news ♦ One annual HIPAA policies review with comments ♦ One annual HIPAA Risk Assessment report review with comments ♦ Email Q/A with a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer

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We begin to provide you with information to help assess where the medical practice's compliance program is today and where it needs to be.

Step 3

We create the appropriate HIPAA step-by-step tasks and related documents to keep your patient information more secure and the medical practice in compliance.

♦ With the program, our highly-trained and Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer will help keep your HIPAA compliance program on track.
♦ With, it's like having a compliance professional on retainer but without the high cost.
$99 / month - Just $3.25 per day
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How much time, if any, will your staff spend to get/stay in compliance today?

How much will the first hour of not being ready for an audit or having a security incident cost?


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